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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Know how to save a precious life....

A couple of weeks ago the assembled staff of The Chandos Clinic attended a First Aid in the Workplace training day and we are now all certifiably competent and confident! The following day I bumped in to a friend who was glowing from the fact that earlier that morning she had "revived a bee"! I'm sure I'm not alone in frequently seeing bees who look dead or very nearly dying. It never occurred to me that they were actually just exhausted and that I could revive them with a simple mixture of white sugar and water. I'm mourning all the bees I haven't saved, but hopefully someone followed behind me who knew what to do. In future, I'll now follow the advice of the RSPB below, though unlike my friend, not add a nip of brandy to the bee pick-me-up (she said it still flew off, though who knows how unsteadily and whether it had a thumper of a head the next day). Another website advises only ever using white sugar, (surprisingly not honey) never demerara, and certainly not muscavado! In these current days when the world seems so bent on horrors, it seems especially rich and vital that we can do something as simple and precious as save the life of a weary bee, (without needing to remember the recovery position or try and keep a heart going whilst singing "Staying Alive!")


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