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Monday, 22 April 2013

Beat hay fever with a cuppa

Spring is in the air, literally, and if you suffer from hay fever then it's worth giving this a go. You'll need to brave the outdoors and collect some of the young nettle tips which are everywhere at the moment. Take some gloves to avoid getting stung.

This is a simple brew which contains strong antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties to ease hay fever symptoms. Drink three mugs a day when you’re suffering.

In your loveliest teapot put:

2-3 tablespoons of young nettle leaves, freshly picked (the boiling water will remove the sting whilst brewing)
Nettles contain antihistamines and have anti-inflammatory properties

1 tablespoon Chamomile flowers (or a good quality chamomile teabag)
Chamomile has natural anti-inflammatory properties and eases the mucus membranes

1-2 teaspoons of Local Honey
By ingesting local pollen via local honey, your immune system will better cope with the allergens in your area

Cover with boiling water and steep for 5 mins. Strain through a tea strainer before drinking.  This should make around 3 cups.

By Bronwyn Ward

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