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Monday, 15 April 2013

The MMR Debate Continues

A return to the MMR debate has begun after the recent outbreak of Measles in South Wales. The Independent on Saturday ran an article about the discredited Doctor Andrew Wakefield who was the instigator of the MMR jab scare back in 1998.

The article quotes Wakefield’s recent statement:

‘He accused officials of having approved “dangerous” brands of MMR vaccine a decade earlier in 1988, when the vaccine was first launched in the UK, which later had to be withdrawn because they “caused meningitis”.
 “These government officials put price before children’s health and have been seeking to cover up this shameful fact ever since.”
 He cites cases in the courts in the US and Italy where families of children suffering Autism have won damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after judges accepted the children had suffered “vaccine-induced brain damage”.

The article also points out on a time line of events:

In September 1992 - The Department of Health withdraws two brands of MMR vaccine after research suggests they are associated with a raised incidence of transient mumps meningitis, although much lower than with natural disease.

To make your own mind up about this debate, you can read the article in full, as well as a response to Wakefield’s claims and a full statement here 

Bronwyn Ward

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