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Monday, 15 June 2015

Kids: takes risks now and be safer later!

A place which has holidayed 4 generations of my extended family for nearly 60 years, has recently fenced off an area of river-bank which had been open for as long as we've been going there.They have previously curtailed any intrepid exploring by creating wide wood-chipped pathways,(thereby removing the nessesity of bush-whacking nettles for hours); taken down rope swings and on-going, removed the lower branches on trees to deter children from climbing up them. When I took umbridge with the new fence, their reply was of course "Health & Safety". I asked them if they were planning to fence off the sea!

There are few places left where kids can run truly wild, take risks and get a handle on what is really dangerous and what may just culminate in a need for TCP, a compress of frozen peas, or a trip to the local A&E.

With this in mind, here's an article from this weekend's Observer, re-affirming that children who are allowed to take risks, learn an essential life skill in how to be safe.


An organisation who promote and uphold this value are "Playing Out" and they have a vibrant branch in Bristol. If you're keen to get your kids playing as kids should, take a look: http://playingout.net/

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