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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Gardener's Delight!

It's not often you come across an article so lovingly observed that it ticks all the boxes for mind, body and soul, but this one from The Guardian is certainly that. Just half an hour ago, I asked a patient what she was doing for the rest of her day, to which she replied "housework" (we both pulled a face) and "gardening" to which we lit up and beamed at each other. We both agreed the housework could go! Gardening is one of those activities where you can be so absorbed, the sun has already begun to dip when you realise lunchtime should have been 5 hours ago. Needless to say, there are times when we go a bit too gung-ho and you might need to see one of us to put you straight, but the benefits of gardening to our well-being definitely out-weigh the aches. So here's to the pleasure of the trowel, the secateurs and the compost heap. And I never walk passed a rose without smelling it's scent, whoever's garden it's in!


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