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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Spice up your joints

By Xavier Decup

For those with joints pain, arthritis, arthrosis or digestive problems, you may want to try adding turmeric to your diet. The turmeric is a small ginger-like root we often use in powdered for, most commonly in curries. It has a distinctive bright yellow colour. It has been used by lots of civilisations for medicinal treatment over the centuries. The principal component is curcumin which is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Traditionally it is used to stimulate digestion and protect the digestive system, liver, bowels and stomach.

New research has shown that turmeric could protect and help the liver against inflammatory disease like chronic hepatitis for example (However people who have gall bladder problems or gall stones must avoid it). Researchers are also trying to measure how turmeric is involved in protecting the body against some cancers.

Scientists are interested in curcumin because of its anti-inflammatory role. Some trials have shown that taking turmeric or curcumin may be beneficial for patients who suffer from joints pain such as arthritis and arthrosis. It enhances the functioning of the cell membrane and decreases the formation of inflammatory molecules. Added to an anti-inflammatory drugs, it could reduce their side-effects and help to protect the stomach. There are some who need to check with their GP before including turmeric in their diet. This includes diabetics and those taking anti-coagulants or anti-acid stomach medications. So why not try including it in a good diet, exercise and good posture to help maintain joints and ease digestive troubles.

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