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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sunshine Medicine

by Gosia Gray

Summer time means for most of us holidays and lots of time outdoors in the sun. Unfortunately, this year we have not been so lucky with the weather.  Hopefully, summer will arrive eventually.  During these months of long days we can enjoy eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We will store the vitamins and minerals from these foods in our bodies, where they will ultimately help our immune system through the long winter months. We must also remember to drink plenty of water so as not to become dehydrated.

 The sun also plays a big role in the formation and absorption of vitamins.  Most of the vitamin D in our body is created by a chemical reaction that starts with sunlight exposure to the skin. This is essential for the absorption of calcium from food to ensure healthy bones and teeth.  Traces of Vitamin D are also found in egg yolks, butter and cod liver oil. Insufficient vitamin D has been linked to depression. So, enjoy your summer and don’t forget to eat plenty of those fresh summer fruits.

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