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Monday 18 October 2010

Giles Cleghorn teaching in Norway

Giles Cleghorn will be teaching on a Paediatrics course in Oslo between the 5th and 7th of November.

Giles will continue to teach short courses in Europe beginning 2011

New Homeopathic Remedies at Reception

We are now selling Homeopathic remedies here at the Chandos Clinic.
For just £5 you can buy 30c of Rhis Tox, Arnica and Bryonia.

For £27 you can buy a basic box set of 18 remedies or for £40 you can buy a box set containing 36 remedies.

For further information about homeopathic remedies you can visit http://www.helios.co.uk/

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Osteopaths at the 2012 Olympic Games

Osteopaths at The Chandos Clinic feel strongly that osteopathy can be hugely beneficial to sports people to help their injuries and aid performance, so the news that osteopaths are being recruited for the 2012 London Games is wonderful news. We hope that this move helps to raise public awareness about the potential benefits of osteopathy within the world of sport.

The British Osteopathy Association has this to say on their website, you can visit them online for more words on this subject.......

‘This is the first time that osteopathy has been included in the host medical services provision at an Olympic and Paralympic Games. Osteopaths will be working alongside sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports massage practitioners and podiatrists treating the elite athletes’.

You can visit The Osteopathic Sports Care Association website for further information on how osteopathy may be able to help a sport related injury or issue.

The Chandos Clinic is in the process of producing an ‘Osteopathy for Sports Injury’ leaflet so as to give our patients better information.