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Wednesday 30 December 2015

As the old year turns...

This is my last Chandos Clinic entry of 2015. It's blowing an absolute hooly outside and patients are stumbling inside the warmth of the clinic all wet and wind-battered. Wherever you are, I hope this finds you warm and dry. And it goes without saying, in good health! However you are spending new year, I hope it exactly meets your desires and expectations. Dec 31st can be a funny one, so be kind on yourself. From all of us at The Chandos Clinic, we would like to wish all our patients and their families, a very happy healthy 2016, and look forward to helping you in the future, whenever you need us.

In the meantime, here are some words of wisdom via The Guardian. It looks good advice to me for every day, not just new year!


Tuesday 15 December 2015

Remember to take it steady when making your Christmas merry!

My natural inclination was to share my excellent recipe for Christmas mulled cider, so it is with a virtuous heart that I post this article from The Telegraph about the stresses that alcohol puts on our entire system. It's not easy reading folks, but invaluable all the same. So please enjoy this festive season, but do remember to reign in, especially when it comes to that extra tipple.


(And it could have been worse: I've an even better recipe for hot buttered rum!)

Monday 9 November 2015

Embrace the Rot!

My last blog encouraged you to kick up the leaves on a good walk. Here, by way of this excellent article from The Guardian, I'm advidsing that when it comes to your garden or your allotment... leave them be! Resist the urge to tidy up and let nature do it's thing, nourishing the soil with decaying leaf matter and creating a harbour for all sorts of friendly bugs. A healthy garden is a happy garden, and in my experience, a happy garden makes happy people makes healthy people... and that's what we're all about!

Saturday 17 October 2015

Happy Autumn!

Here at The Chandos Clinic, the heating has kicked in, patients are coming in wearing fleeces, and the leaves are falling passed our reception window. For many of us, autumn is a favourite time of year, and while the rain keeps away (say it quietly!), what better time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful colours, take photographs, kick up fallen banks of leaves and fill your pockets with conkers (put them in your drawers to deter moths and by your skirtings to deter spiders!). Here are a list of places from The Forestry Commission to experience autumn at it's best, with walks averaging just 2 miles, so not excluding the very old or very young. Our own Westonbirt is top of the list, of course, as well as the Forest of Dean and the Quantocks. Nature at it's most stunning, so do go out and breathe it in!


Tuesday 6 October 2015

Exercise: good for your body AND your brain!

We all know that phyical exercise is good for us, but it seems it is also good for maintaing a healthy brain. Do read this article from Nordic walking instructor, Vicky Welsh, about how getting our blood pumping also provides us with far-reaching brain power: aiding learning, maintaining focus, and helping to ward off dementia.


Wednesday 2 September 2015

The holidays are over, time to let the good stuff begin!

A lot of children have gone back to school today, and for many parents, this is the opportunity for putting new well-being practices in to place. A sort of New (academic) Year's Resolution! Having read this article from Medscape on the benefits of Pilates (something that's been on my own to-do list for far too long), do consider this as something to incorporate in to your lives, for far-reaching health benefits.


Wednesday 26 August 2015

Health: the colour of a rainbow!

Today, whilst reading an article from Medscape on diet and brain function, I came across the phrase "eating the rainbow". I hadn't heard this before, and further googling led me to a whole raft of sites, but this one stood out, and I shall certainly flag it up to my kids later.
I tend to naturally eat a rainbow, and the salad box from The Better Food Company on Whiteladies where I usually get my lunch, is always an incredible palette of colour. Eating healthily need never, nor should, be dull!

Monday 3 August 2015

The latest thinking on Vitamin D.

It is Britain, it is August, it is grey! We are not exposed to sufficient amounts of sunshine to get the levels of Vitamin D we require to build and maintain healthy bones & teeth, and keep other diseases at bay. Do read this article from The Guardian, to access current thinking....

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Give us a smile!

When I was young, our family dentist was an ex-army practioner we called Butcher Brown; he scared the living daylights out of all of us and my brother avoided going to one for decades afterwards, he was so traumatised. The modern dentist is a pleasure in comparison; courteous, kind and informative, I hug mine and go out of my way to hand-deliver his christmas card! These days there is nothing to fear, and this article from The Guardian shows there is every reason to give your oral hygiene the attention it deseves, and not just for keeping your whites pearly.

Saturday 4 July 2015

More Healthy Gut stuff by Barbara.

Recent News or Old Hat. Must we squat to poop?

Prompted by the high recommendation from a patient I recently purchased a ‘squatty potty’ – no it’s not really a potty it’s actually a footstool to adjust your posture while you poop.  In fact the idea is to put you into the more natural position of squatting for healthy bowel elimination.

So I thought I’d try it and review it and I must say it’s absolutely brilliant.

Years ago I wanted to build a squatting toilet in the garden (long story) but my friends were against it and we went for the more conventional seat.  But with a footrest you can use a conventional modern toilet and just raise your knees and lean forward and you’re in a squatting position.  After extolling the virtues of my new piece of bathroom furniture I then found out that many of my friends already use either a homemade footrest or a manufactured for purpose prop.  AND they all swear by it.

So why is it so great?  Well it’s a posture thing.  By squatting we take the kink out of our colon by relaxing a muscle called puborectalis so poo doesn’t have to be pushed and squeezed around a corner - making it all so much easier to go.

You might have noticed in the press back in May that squatting is the new sitting as far as toilet behaviour goes.  Although squatting is as old as humanity this press coverage was all due to the recent success of a book by German Scientist Giulia Enders called Darm mit Charm in German or simply Gut in the recently published English translation.  It’s a great book, easy to read, entertaining and full of fun drawings by her sister who is a science illustrator.  I would recommend this book if you want an introduction into how the gut works, how a healthy gut is so important to our immune system and mental health and the latest research into the interactions of gut bacteria with our whole well being.  As a research scientist Enders has oodles of references in the back of the book but she also has a great skill in writing for a general readership.  She is an endearing speaker and her award winning ‘science slam’ based on her research went viral on YouTube in 2012 and is well worth looking up:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFsTSS7aZ5o

So if you’re interested in reducing the time you spend on the toilet, reducing your likelihood of getting haemmorhoids and anal fissures, reducing constipation and being kinder to your pelvic floor then look into a footrest to put you into a squatting position on the toilet.  There are many on the market - squatty potty seems to be the easiest to buy online in the uk but have a look. 

Barbara Moulang

Monday 29 June 2015

"Bless You!"

The pollen is thick out there right now, and many of you are suffering. Hay Fever can be a blight for so many over the summer. Our allergy specialist, Gosia Gray, has provided some homeopathic suggestions to help ease you through the season of sneezes, itches, and general misery. May you breathe easy, your eyes be bright, and your tissues forgotten!

Allium Cepa - for symptoms of burning eyes, light sensitivity, watery discharges from eyes and nose, with a tickling sensation at the back of your throat.

Euprasia – burning sensation, swollen eye lids and watery discharges from the nose, with possibilities of a mild wet cough.

Sabadilla - eye lids red and watery eyes, with sneezing runny nose and a sore throat.

Arsenicum Album – burning and watery sensations in your eyes with sneezing, sore red nostrils, burning throat and dry cough.

Gelsemium – swollen heavy eyelids, sneezing sore throat and aching muscles.

 DOSE 30c one three times a day for 3 days and repeat as necessary if symptoms persist. 

Monday 22 June 2015


As well as being the summer solstice, yesterday was also the International Day of Yoga.


If you have never tried yoga before, or if you would like the opportunity to enrich your own personal practise, Mala runs individually tailored one-to-one classes on a Saturday morning at The Chandos Clinic.  http://www.chandosclinic.co.uk/treatments/yoga.html

Monday 15 June 2015

Kids: takes risks now and be safer later!

A place which has holidayed 4 generations of my extended family for nearly 60 years, has recently fenced off an area of river-bank which had been open for as long as we've been going there.They have previously curtailed any intrepid exploring by creating wide wood-chipped pathways,(thereby removing the nessesity of bush-whacking nettles for hours); taken down rope swings and on-going, removed the lower branches on trees to deter children from climbing up them. When I took umbridge with the new fence, their reply was of course "Health & Safety". I asked them if they were planning to fence off the sea!

There are few places left where kids can run truly wild, take risks and get a handle on what is really dangerous and what may just culminate in a need for TCP, a compress of frozen peas, or a trip to the local A&E.

With this in mind, here's an article from this weekend's Observer, re-affirming that children who are allowed to take risks, learn an essential life skill in how to be safe.


An organisation who promote and uphold this value are "Playing Out" and they have a vibrant branch in Bristol. If you're keen to get your kids playing as kids should, take a look: http://playingout.net/

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Get up, stand up!

I know I have flagged this up previously, but here is another article from Medscape on the benefits, really the necessity, of standing up and moving around! Of all the things we can do to improve our overall health, this one seems the most important, and the most attainable. So if you're reading this sat down, stand up and walk around a bit afterwards, just like I will do once I've pressed "send"! And do read to the end of the article, just so you get the gem of the last sentence. Then, seriously, stand up!


Monday 8 June 2015

Neals Yard Remedies... the bigger picture!

Most Bristol locals will know that we have an excellent branch of Neals Yard Remedies on Whiteladies Rd, Clifton. But how many of us know more than those distinctive beautiful blue bottles. Although it's from last summer, here's a fascinating article I found in The Guardian, about Neals Yard bigger picture.


Also, if Bath is more convenient for you, Giles sees patients at the Neals Yard branch there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ring 01225 466944 for details.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month!

A month ago I joined the growing band of Bristol Nordic Walkers. www.bristolnordicwalking.co.uk
If you have ever seen a tribe striding out with poles over The Downs or Ashton Court, then it's likely I will have been there. One of our instructors, Vicky, has written an excellent article on Osteoporosis, laying out very clearly the steps that all of us can take to help keep our bones whole and healthy. Read on...

Tuesday 19 May 2015

The British Gut Project.

Barbara has flagged up this interesting crowd-funded project, allowing people to find out what microbes are living in their guts (also, mouth and skin). "You are what you eat!" has probably never rung more true than when it comes to the good and bad bacteria living in our gut. Do read the article, and consider sending a sample... for you, your partner, or your whole family. Proof that pesents need never be boring!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Exam Nerves!

Both Giles and I currently have sons sitting their GCSE exams. Although we might say our exam nerves are worse than theirs, here's an informative article from The Guardian on ways to keep the tension under control and get the best results possible.


Additionally, here at The Chandos Clinic, our reflexologist Anne Brunton offers sessions particuarly geared towards combatting exam stress.

As for Giles and I, we are both counting down the days until it will all be over (bar the waiting!)

Saturday 9 May 2015

Let them eat cake!

I have been trawling the net for over an hour, and I can't find anything that isn't Election related. So in the end, I've defaulted to a recipe! Probably not much healthy and nutritious about it, but I think we all deserve a bit of post Election comfort right now. (And when else can you get to indulge in "a melange of spices") Enjoy!


Monday 20 April 2015

Too much screen time is linked to neck strain.

Screen Time is pretty unavoidable these days, so do read this article from The Telegraph, explaining the best way to maintain a healthy posture and a happy neck!


Tuesday 7 April 2015

Spring is here, so have those tissues ready!

It's the day after Easter Monday, and the weather couldn't be more glorious; I'm sat at the clinic desk with the door wide open. Barbara and I have just had our lunch in the garden, our first of this year! Unfortanely for some, this fine weather also means that the season of misery is about to begin.

In our house, we have all the bases covered when it comes to hay-fever! My husband starts early with the tree pollen, and just as his is fading, mine takes over with the grass pollen. Meanwhile, my son just sneezes and rubs his itchy eyes regardless, whatever the season. 

So here is a very informative article from The Guardian, which may help you work out what you are reacting to, and how to treat it.

Although there is no mention of it in the article, a spoonful of LOCAL honey a day has worked wonders for me over the years. 

At The Chanos Clinic, our allergy specialist, Gosia Gray, would be happy to help you further. Ring the clinic to book an appointment with her on Thursdays or Saturdays.

Friday 27 March 2015

The benefits of singing!

We are now in the full beam of spring, and all the birds are at their most vocal, but we can join in too! Do read this article from The Guardian about the health benefits gained from singing. 


Monday 23 March 2015

Digital devices, e-cigarettes and children: reasons to be vigilant.

I don't wish to be alarmist, especially on a Monday morning, but these are 2 very interesting articles from Medscape, regarding concerns over e-cigarettes and mobile / cordless phones in relation to children.



Friday 20 March 2015

March 20th 2015. Happy International Day of Happiness!

It's the morning of the solar eclipse, so the day already feels like it's got a bit of extra buzz to it, but if the clouds roll over, here's another reason to feel joyful.


Tuesday 17 March 2015

Yoga with Mala. If you would like to do a yoga class with Mala on a Saturday morning at The Chandos Clinic, please ring reception to book.

Although I have doubts about the wisdom of new year's resolutions that try to implement major life changes whilst we're still in the depths of winter, nonetheless the change in the calendar is a powerful incentive to think about how we want to develop as we head towards spring. If one of your priorities for this year is health, then there are many strategies you can adopt, nutritionally, physically and mentally to improve your overall stateof health. For me, the turning point in my 20s was yoga. I enjoyed the increasing strength and flexibility which resulted from it, and over time my mind became engaged by the ideas which underpin it. Twenty years later, I am now a qualified yoga teacher myself.

There are many misconceptions about yoga, including the idea that you have to be bendy, or that you have to buy into a particular philosophy. Bristol is a great city for yoga. There are many different kinds on offer. Different varieties suit different people at different stages in their lives. It's best to try some classes and see what works for you. If you're confused about where to start, or think a group class might not be the right approach for you, then you could think about having a teacher design a practice for you. That's what I do on Saturday mornings at the Chandos Clinic.

As an osteopath, I see people with all sorts of injuries or health issues, at all stages of fitness. That experience, combined with a thorough knowledge base in anatomy and physiology, allows me to design yoga practices tailored to people's particular needs. Whether you want a practice that will give you greater confidence in the use of your body, or you need a tailored stretching regime that will compliment your chosen sport or exercise, a yoga practice targeted to your needs would give you the tools to do the things that work for you, in your own space and time.

You can find out more about yoga at the Chandos on our website, or through reception. And whatever your aims for 2015, good luck in your efforts!

Mala Balani

Saturday 14 March 2015

Happy Mothers Day!

It's Mothers Day tomorrow and members of the public are walking passed the clinic window armed with boquets of flowers. If the weather is fine, my request for Mothers Day is to be left to spend the whole day doing the garden; I know Barbara is hoping to do the same in her allotment! So this is to wish all you mothers, an especially happy day tomorrow, whatever your own idea of blissful indulgence. If your children totter in to your room with proudly made breakfast trays, at the very least may your tea be hot and your toast unburnt! Today's papers are full of "Mothers Day recipes", but I thought I would share this poem by Billy Collins, in celebration and thanks, of mums everywhere.

Monday 2 March 2015

Sauna benefits!

As there were snow flurries this morning, and a chill wind keeps blowing the clinic door open, do warm your cockles reading this article from Medscape on the benefits of the sauna, and then go and sit in one if you can!

Tuesday 17 February 2015

A Very Happy Valentine Anniversary!

Feb 14th 2015 was The Chandos Clinic's 15th birthday! Giles opened the clinic on Valentines Day 2000. Fifteen years on, he continues to run the practise with 4 other osteopaths and many complimenary therapists. Some of you will have been with us since the clinic opened. To all our patients, old and new, we send you our very best wishes, as we continue to offer you the best possible care. 

Saturday 7 February 2015

Activity: even a little goes a long way!

Do read this article from Medscape. I know we've written about it before, but it really does seem that our chairs are our biggest enemy, so get up and move around. Every little helps!


Monday 2 February 2015

Peanut Allergies: always tread with caution!

As a parent of a child with severe nut allergies, I was interested to read this article from yesterday's Observer. Perhaps a glimmer of hope, and some practical advice for new parents, but the wisest course still seems to be to educate our nut-allergic children, so that they have the knowledge and understanding of how to navigate the wider nuttier world. As it's impossible to monitor everything they eat, they need to understand the seriousness of their (thoroughly unfair!) situation and always act with caution. Primary school lunchtimes can be a hard challenge when other lunch-boxes hold things that look more enticing. Who doesnt want to nibble someone elses museli bar, especially when you're 5! My son learnt the hard way on a couple of occasions, but he difinitely learnt! When the school decided to go entirely "Nut Free", I was actually against it. The wider world isn't nut free and I didn't think it was doing my son any favours creating a bubble where he didnt need to keep his wits about him. It also deprived the majority of the other children with an excellent source of nutrition in their lunches. My son is now 14 and although thoroughly ditsy in many walks of his daily life, he is completely savvy when it comes to food ingredients and allergen labelling, and if he's ever in doubt, he passes, however delicious something looks!


Tuesday 6 January 2015

Happy New 2015... 

...from all of us here at The Chandos Clinic. We hope you all had a very happy and stress-free festive period!

Our opening hours are back to normal, so do get in touch if you would like to see one of our osteopaths. We also have some new complimentary therapists joining us soon, offering additional services to the clinic; details to appear shortly on our website.

As a New Year article, I'm going in gently! Nothing unrealistic or horribly abstentious.... so do read this article from The Guardian, with just a few helpful tips on how to live out our day-to-day on a happier, healthier more even keel.