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Monday 21 May 2018

Chandos Clinic.... a few changes!

The Chandos Clinic door is wide open so a sunny hello to all our patients.
There are a few changes coming up, so if any of you have not been to see us recently, here is an update of what's happening at Chandos.

We are saying a fond farewell to our wonderful osteopath Xavier, who is returning to live full-time in France. Xavier is recommending his existing patients see Davina, so rest assured you will remain in her very accomplished and capable hands. Both Davina, and Barbara especially, are very experienced with babies and children.

Likewise Anne Brunton, our long-standing reflexologist, will be leaving us at the end of this month. We will still be able to offer reflexology at the clinic, with both Gosia and Emilie.

We wish Xavier and Anne our very best wishes for their futures.

Giles has slightly reduced his hours so please be aware that appointments with him will require a slightly longer wait than usual, although we are always happy to put you on his cancellation list. Otherwise, Barbara, Mala, and Davina, will always be happy to see you. Until further notice, Giles is no longer taking on new patients.

Thank you to everyone who has signed our data protection update. The form is on the reception desk and Deb or Pat will advise you if you still need to do it.

Our fees will go up on July 1st. This is the first increase since January 2017.

Giles will increase from £67 to £70.50 for existing adults and children.

Existing adults for Barbara, Mala and Davina will go up from £48 to £50.50
New adults for Barbara, Mala and Davina will go from £53 to £56 (first appointment only)

Existing children for Barbara and Davina will go up from £44 to £46.50
New children for Barbara and Davina will go up from £49 to £52 (first appointment only)

Until you come to see us next, we wish everyone good health and happy days in the sun!

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Two rather wonderful Bristol women!

Last night I met Caroline Gilmartin, who is "everything good". She runs fermentation workshops in Cliftonwood, teaching how to make sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir. She has an amazing website which is well worth meandering http://everygoodthing.co.uk

Then Andrea, who told me about "91 Ways", (named after the 91 different languages spoken in Bristol) which has another splendid website. http://91ways.org

Even though I've lived in Bristol for over 20 years, organisations like this continue to surprise and gladden me. Respect and admiration for all involved.