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Monday 27 March 2017

Chandos Friends & Neighbours... a round of applause!

Woo-hoo, look who Jay Rayner reviwed and praised so highly in yesterday's Observer. None other than our very own truly wonderful "Wilsons", 24 Chandos Rd, so close I can almost lean out the door and high-five them! As many of you have commented, Chandos Rd seems to be in a state of flux of late, keeping the builders and refurbishers happy, but leaving the rest of us a bit combobulated. So it's just great when we have neighbours who are so fine and garnering such rave reviews that they are hopefully here for keeps. We Chandos Clinic folk enjoyed our works Christmas meal there and it was exceptional. Jan the chef always waves when he walks passed our window on his way to grab something from the equally wonderful Mabel's www.mabelsgreengrocer.co.uk So if you haven't yet visited Wilsons, I recommend you do, and soon; you're in for a treat. And remember to wave at us as you walk passed our window!