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Monday 30 June 2014

You just can't beat that  newborn baby smell!

It's pretty well known that when people are asked their favourite smell, they often reply "my newborn baby"! I'm sure most of you know that our former receptionist Brony now has a beautiful baby daughter, and here's an article she came across to confirm that babies really do beat freshly baked bread when it comes to our noses!


Monday 23 June 2014


Here at the Chandos Clinic, we have been keeping all the paper shreddings, for Giles' wife, Anna, to use them to make a sculpture for Glastonbury Festival 2014. So if you've visited the clinic in the last 8 months or so, its likely that a sliver of your name will have been used to make this incredible piece of work. Do have a look at the video link, showing its installation.

To see more of Anna's work, visit: http://www.annagillespie.co.uk/

Monday 16 June 2014

The pollen count is very high at the moment, and many of you are coming into the clinic suffering with hayfever. We hope you find some welcome relief with this advise from our allergy specialist, Gosia Gray.

Spring has come much earlier this year than expected, bringing with it many sensitivities and allergies to pollen of trees, shrubs, flowers, grasses and fungal spores.  As the blossom appears, hay fever begins, increasing through spring and summer. The symptoms of hay fever may vary from year to year; it all depends on the weather and pollen count.

Here are some suggestions for homoeopathic remedies for some of the common symptoms of hay fever. If you are experiencing lots of sneezing with burning watery nasal discharges and itching eyes, take Allium Cepa 6c. With lots of sneezing and sinus pain and itchy throat, take Sabadilla 6c. For sneezing with burning red eyes, swollen lids and headache, take Euprasia 6. Finally, for itching of the roof of the mouth, throat and ears, with sneezing, take Arundo 6.  The dose for all these remedies is 1 tablet 4 times a day. 

Friday 13 June 2014

This coming Sunday 15th June, please come and join us at
From 11am to 5pm, the road will be closed to traffic and filled with market stalls, live theatre & music, and fantastic food! From 1pm to 4pm, some of the practioners at The Chandos Clinic www.chandosclinic.co.uk will be giving free consulations, so come along and find out more about the benefits of osteopathy. Children can have fun playing pin the bone on the skeleton! The forecast is looking wonderful so do come and join us for a festive day in the sunshine in this lovely street in the heart of Redland. For a full programme of events, go to www.chandosvillage.weebly.com