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Monday 10 April 2017

Dear Residents of the Chandos Road area,

Spring is with us, and so it is time for the Great Chandos Sunflower Measure Off. Kits are  available from Mabel's Greengrocer , Chandos Rd, from Saturday 8 April for 50p, with details of the judging dates in June and July.
Links to handy hints for us less green--fingered can be found on our Facebook Page, search Chandos Neighbourhood Association.

 All you need to do is buy a kit, plant the seed provided and get growing. Everything is provided except a bit of water and a bit of time and patience!

 We have 50 kits ready and waiting to go, so why not give it a go? Let's get the area a-glow with sunflowers this summer!
With Best wishes,
Diana Swain (Chair)

Monday 3 April 2017

Just what's waiting to come and bite us on our (sedentary) behinds.

Once again, the perils of a sedentary lifestyle have hit the headlines, and rightly so. According to the British Heart Foundation, the average person will spend a fifth of his or her lifetime, that's over 70 days a year, sat down! This is a staggering figure, and we are setting ouselves up for a whole lot of trouble unless we get up and get moving. This article from the BBC gives us some sage advice. For all too many of us, it's not going to be old age that gets us, but being static.