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Monday 11 April 2016

                         Get me to the clinic on time!

Googling The Guardian is something I often do to try and get ideas for our blog and so Oliver Burkeman's column got me thinking about the commute to the clinic, as I've received more than the usual number of panicked "I'm running late!" phonecalls today. Our city's notorious traffic clogging means that journey's here are frequently delayed, and although I don't want to jinx it by saying that usually a parking space can be found in Chandos Rd, when you are short on time and need it most is often the time when you have to drive around in circles trying to find that illusive gap. Although the CPZ has on the whole made parking easier, do remember that the side streets off Chandos Rd are "CN" permit holders only, although there are some public spaces available nearby on Hampton Rd. There are two parking metres close by, diagonally opposite the clinic. You are allowed the first 30 mins free, although you still need to get a ticket, and please note this option is not available if you pay via your mobile. Otherwise it's £1 per hour (for a maximum of 3 hours). Although it may be tempting to save a pound and get the "half hour free" ticket, we cannot guarantee that the osteopaths will always run strictly to time, so I would recommend a pound well spent for not stressing that you are going to get caught by the warden. They do come around quite reguarly and they do like getting they're notebooks out! Again, if you arrive really early, perhaps don't pay for your hour straightaway, but check first with the receptonists (Deborah and Pat) to see if your practioner is running on time. Rubicon and Aron's are cafe's you can wait in comfortably or do takeaway drinks you are welcome to bring in to our reception area. Or you can visit our wonderful new greengrocers, Mabel's, two doors up! And if the driving-parking commute to the clinic is just too stressfull altogether, there are frequent buses up and down Whiteladies Rd, as well as the local train stations nearby at Redland and Clifton Down.

If you know that you are running late, we would always appreciate a call (0117 9745084) and we will always do what we can to accomodate you. However, if another patient is booked in immediately after you, your appointment may be unavoidably shorter than normal.

So, here's wishing that your road to our door is safe and clear, your train / bus on time, your parking space nearby and the perfect size. And failing all that, that your legs are strong, the sun is shining and it's the perfect day for a walk to Redland!


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