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Monday 8 April 2013

The Birds and the Bees do it .. so why can't I? - by Anne Brunton

The Birds and the Bees do it....
so why can’t I?
by Anne Brunton
Spring is officially here, and all around us there are signs of nature’s abundance and burgeoning life....new born lambs, birds pairing up and starting to nest build, queen bees laying eggs. It all seems so easy, but for many couples this is far from their experience. 

If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months or more, it is defined as subfertility;  this can occur when you are trying for your first baby or for a second child after having a successful pregnancy the first time round.  Although it is often the woman who initiates further investigation and lifestyle changes, both men and women can be equally affected by infertility. 

In about a third of investigated cases, the problem is with the woman.  Common factors include age, hormonal disorders, structural problems, weight problems or pelvic infection.  In another third, the problem is with the man; structural problems, hormonal imbalances or infections are again common factors.  In the remaining third, there is no specific cause or obvious reason. 

It is often at this stage that couples look at other lifestyle factors, which might be affecting their fertility, such as:

Stress & Anxiety – at work or at home
Stimulant Intake – alcohol, caffeine, nicotine
Postural Issues – pelvic or spinal misalignment
Weight & BMI – too overweight or underweight
Exercise – too much or not enough exercise
Nutrition – balanced diet or too many processed foods

Stress plays a huge part in fertility problems.  As well as the normal stresses of work and life, the very act of trying to conceive can in itself become stressful.  Sexual intercourse can become functional and all-consuming, leading to one or both partners being in a permanent state of stress.  At this stage, our body’s energy is spent on survival, maintenance and essential repairs – non-essential things, such as reproduction, take a back seat until the body is back to a balanced state.   In addition, if the body is under too much stress, the pituitary gland (a key control centre) is affected, the adrenals become depleted, which in turn leads to low thyroid function.  Ovulation and sperm production depend on a complex balance and interactions of hormones; any disruption to this careful balancing act can hinder chances of conceiving.

But, you are not alone....

As stress (for both partners) is a major problem for successful conception, Complementary Therapies such as reflexology, reiki, bowen therapy, homeopathy and aromatherapy are very good at restoring balance to the whole body. Importantly, these therapies are really good at reducing stress levels and bringing a sense of well-being and calm to the recipient,
Our reflexologist, Anne, uses a technique called “the endocrine balance”, which helps to balance all the endocrine glands and the hormones they produce. 
Our osteopaths can help you resolve structural issues, especially pelvic and spinal misalignment.  Bowen Therapy is another option for you if you have back or pelvic problems.  

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